Appalachian star: 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL

Everyone in the past has enjoyed the little 190 SL built – let’s not lie to ourselves about that – to provide a roadster for customers who couldn’t afford the 300SL.

That doesn’t mean this car was cheap at the time – it cost twice as much as an American luxury sedan and if you think the price was unjustified you should see the body stripped of all components – the amount of steel used on the floors is double that used, for example, on a Giulietta Spider which, in fact, cost much less.

And here comes one near the Appalachian Mountains in an iconic Silver color scheme with a red interior. The seller says little about it other than that it was restored in 1992, probably already on a very good basis as a full restoration 30 years ago would have easily exceeded the real value of the car. Few photos and poor description, nevertheless it seems to us a good car which is probably worth even more than the asking price. Find it for sale at $58,000 here in Winstom-Salem, NC.


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