Black tie: 1974 Citroen SM

We often hear “it was not understood” but in reality the problem does not lie in those who do not understand, but in those who do not explain themselves well.

The above is, in a nutshell, the story of this model: it is a comfortable sedan, with an unmistakable design, luxurious interiors and a Maserati V6 engine under the bonnet. The SM was frontally characterized by large light clusters, each divided into three sections. These optical groups were divided into dipped beam (the two outside) and high beam (the four central ones); of these, the two inner ones were adjustable with the steering wheel, as on the latest DS. In addition, the entire optical unit of the six headlights was also self-levelling according to the car’s load. On paper, it’s a great mix. And yet, perhaps because of the cost, perhaps because of the “Citroen” badge, perhaps because of the combination of the two, it didn’t have the hoped-for success.

The one we see here is black with a black interior: a real black tie dress code that goes very well with the design of this car. The general condition of the car seems excellent, the seller says he purchased this car almost 2 years ago and he did the major maintenance with a Citroen Specialist such as the oil change, multipoint check, new battery, check all the electrical, new rear and front boots, new axles boots. The hydraulic system was fully checked, new main accumulator installed and new rear suspension spheres, new steering rack and the 3 carburetors were tested and adjusted, the chain was inspected too. Find it for sale at $55,000 here in Beverly Hills, CA.


One thought on “Black tie: 1974 Citroen SM

  1. The US version of the SM did not have the cool headlight clusters. Instead the US cars were “uglified” with revised front end to fit regular sealed beams. For this kind of scratch I’d rather find a Euro version of the SM. True, the Euro lighting is much more complex than the simple sealed beams but it’s already a very complex car so adding a bit more complexity may not be so noticeable


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