Trademark blue: 1965 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint by Zagato

Zagato has always built very particular and easily recognizable cars, however – perhaps an unpopular opinion – few of them can be defined as “beautiful” according to our tastes.

Of course, this is an opinion (and we all know what people say about opinions) but the point is that Zagato’s construction philosophy was not devoted to building the car with softer or more captivating lines, as was the case with other coachbuilders/builders equally famous, but to build bodies with essential, “dry” lines focused on a single purpose: to make the standard models lighter and more aerodynamic, therefore faster.

And of course, the marriage of form and function is also a different kind of beauty, perhaps more enduring than aesthetics for its own sake. From this marriage, the 2600 Sprint was born in 1965, recognizable even from miles away, in 105 examples, certainly not all of which exist anymore. This example is painted in the typical “Zagato Blue” and looks in excellent condition although we wonder if the front bumpers are installed correctly. For the rest, it is difficult to make an assessment as there are no detailed photos and the description only says “more to come”: we will wait patiently. Find it for sale at €159,900 (today $169,000) here in Milano, Italy.


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