Work in style: 1966 Ford Econoline 5 Pickup

These vehicles were intended for working-class users, or for experienced people whose hobbies required a large rear bed: it is nothing new in fact that pickups have always been the best-selling cars in the United States.

One of the options to cover this market was the Ford Econoline which, like many professional vehicles of the time, was set up with different options: van, minibus, pickup and even “ramp side”: a few years ago we published an example of the latter model. This was the American equivalent of the Fiat 850 T, with obvious differences regarding engine capacity (and dimensions).

This specimen has been completely restored: the base was certainly good (judging by the pre-restoration photo posted by the seller) and a very detailed job was done: the color was changed to this “Starsky And Hutch – like” livery, the original engine has been rebuilt (we assume together with the transmission and gearbox) while a Vintage AC has been added to keep you cool on the road. Find it for sale at $39,250 here in Milwaukee, WI.


2 thoughts on “Work in style: 1966 Ford Econoline 5 Pickup

  1. As someone who has a great deal of experience getting myself and my clothing dirty while performing jobs requiring a pickup truck, I simply cannot understand why someone would upholster truck seats in bright white vinyl. Those seats will show dirt if the windows are left down for a few hours!

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