Rare breed: 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Seville

We believe that a classic car enthusiast has the right to be interested in only a limited number of favorite car types, but we also believe that for a true enthusiast no rare car is unworthy of attention.

In this case the object of our attention is this Eldorado Seville: you might think that you have seen many cars like this but in reality, this specific 1960 model was built in only 1,075 units, a ridiculously low number for any car, let alone by American production standards of that era. Probably due to the price just over $7,000 which placed this model in an unapproachable market range for many.

However, the standard equipment was remarkable: some of the features included adjustable ride control, factory air conditioning, air suspension, power antenna, power steering, power windows, power seats and electric eye head beams. This specimen in particular has clearly been pampered for a long time, at least up to 20-30 years ago, and indeed has a solid and complete appearance. There is definitely some rust to fix (the seller also confirms this) but the starting point for a restoration seems very good. Find it for sale at $27,000 here near Easton, NJ.


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