Rare texan: 1971 OTAS Grand Prix 820cc

We know many of you are thinking, “Hey, this is a Francis Lombardi,” and you’re actually pretty much right, but the truth is a little more complicated.

We know in fact that this model, built by the Piedmontese Francis Lombardi, has taken on various names and different characteristics: the first that comes to mind is the Abarth Scorpione, the most sought-after version ever, but this car in particular deserves a lot of attention as it is branded as OTAS (Officina Trasformazioni Automobili Sportive, or “Sports car conversion shop”), a joint venture between Lombardi and Giannini, equipped – for the American market – with an 820 cc engine. more powerful than the basic version. It seems that less than 100 cars like this have been imported into the USA.

The thing that immediately stands out about this particular car is the extreme originality: it seems that all the correct parts are in place. Other than that, the car seems to have always been in dry areas, the rust is probably limited to very small areas that are easy to repair. Sure, it needs to be restored, but it’s an excellent starting point. Find it for sale at $9,500 here in Fort Worth, TX.


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