Unofficially imported: 1963 BMW 700 Cabriolet

BMWs, even in the 1930s, were never large cars, at least in comparison with their compatriots Mercedes Benz, but after the Second World War they had to start from very small dimensions.

Indeed, it was already a miracle that BMW had got back on its feet (thanks to the Amerian economic aid) so the fact of continuing to produce even small cars was already a remarkable event. After the Isetta microcar produced under ISO license, it was time to do things “bigger”, and so the BMW 700 was born, produced in sedan, coupé and convertible versions: few of the latter have been produced, and in fact this it’s probably the first we’ve seen in years.

This was imported to the USA via the gray market, as officially this model was not imported over the Atlantic. We do not know when it was imported but the seller says the car has been standing still since 2002, on the other hand it seems to us in excellent condition: complete, dry and apparently never crashed. This is the typical candidate for an, and we say it in quotes, “easy restoration”. Find it for sale at $24,500 here in Astoria, NY.


One thought on “Unofficially imported: 1963 BMW 700 Cabriolet

  1. Minor correction, very few were formally imported. Our 1963 700 Cabriolet has some paper work linking it to Max Hoffman, with a Los Angeles address to order parts. I could see were BMW wouldn’t make a big push on these in America, waiting lists at home and Max Hoffman, of Mercedes, Jaguar and the BMW 507 probably dropped these like a hot potato when he figured the profit margins compared to what he was used to.

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