Dry white: 1962 Porsche 356B T6 Coupé

A tip from personal experience: if you intend to buy a classic car to be restored, never buy rotten scrap just to save on the purchase price: at the end of the restoration you will regret it bitterly.

You will regret it for three reasons: the first is about the money you will spend; in fact, they will abundantly compensate the savings made in the purchase phase. The second, directly related to the first, is the time required for the restoration which will lengthen considerably. The third concerns the headaches caused by the constant problems that will inevitably arise during the restoration of the bodywork of a wreck.

This 356B T6 (chassis #118543, engine #700786) looks like a perfect starting point for a restoration – it looks healthy, straight and with all parts in place. The seller in fact says that it runs, even if he himself admits that he would not drive it in this state; never mind because the car has to be disassembled screw by screw to bring it back to life in a fairly short time – in our opinion. Find it for sale at $47,500 here in Yucaipa, CA.


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