1 of 12: 1954 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

We ask ourselves that too. We wonder if this could really be one of only 12 Giulietta Sprints produced in 1954 and, to tell the truth, it would be not the first we see. One is in fact owned by the well-known Italian collector Corrado Lopresto, but it is not the only one we are aware of. Indeed many years ago, about 12, we came across an ad of a 1954 Sprint for sale in the suburbs of Milan, Italy, but unfortunately we did not have the foresight to keep a screenshot of that ad. This ad says basically nothing and there is only one published photo, so it is impossible to tell from it if this could be a 1954 specimen, however, if you are interested in this car, be aware that the first chassis number recorded from Fusi’s book for a Sprint of 1955 is #1493.00024. Good luck and if you know more about this car please let us know. Find it for sale at €120,000 (today $117,000) here in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.


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