Orange racer: 1957 Porsche 356 A Speedster

There are classic cars whose value goes beyond the classification of year, make and model, and this happens because they carry something objectively irrelevant but emotionally important.

On the other hand, if you study economics at university, they will teach you the concept of the “rational consumer” which describes the individual acting out of self-interest with the main aim of maximizing their private benefits through consumption. If A = B and A costs more than B, then I will buy B. All correct, as long as the emotional variable does not get in the way, that is the most important in everyone’s life. In the case of a classic car, the latter is fueled by its history.

This car was bought by Ed Parlett, a private racer who bought it in 1969 and, after modifying it with the adoption of an engine and discs from a Porsche 912, he drove it on all the circuits of the northeastern USA until to 1975, when he sold it to a TWA pilot who practically never drove it and kept it indoors for 30 years when, in 2008, it was bought by the former German owner and brought back to the mother country. The German owner was intrigued by that name on the left door and managed to track down Ed Parlett and visit him in Pennsylvania. He also made a short film on this episode. Find it for sale at €395,000 (today $395,500) here in Hamburg, Germany.


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