Open top: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC by Touring

It’s Touring, but it’s not Superleggera. Indeed, this GT was probably a few tens of kilos heavier than the coupe from which it was derived.

As already mentioned other times, this version had been entrusted to Touring for the conversion to Cabriolet and the consequent reinforcement of the body to be done professionally and with great knowledge of the forces in place once the roof was sawn off. However, there is no “Superleggera” construction characterized by an over-spaceframe covered by an aluminum skin.

Technical details aside, just over 1000 specimens of this model were sold: this means that we are in front of a very rare car that when it was presented was not very successful, probably because we wanted to force the nature of this car born as a true GT, in addition to the fact that Giugiaro’s stunning design could hardly be improved upon. This car in particular is stuck in the middle of a restoration: the bodywork looks ok (the bigger job seems done) but there is still a long way to go: the project is still very interesting. Find it for sale at €28,500 (today $28,400) here in Orta Nova, Italy.


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