Hidden gem: 1973 Fiat 124 Sport Coupé 1.8

Do you really need to spend a lot of money to drive a classic car with nice lines, snappy and in good condition? The answer is no, at least in our opinion.

In fact, if you go deep into the classic car market, it is possible to see some deserving cars in some corner of that same market too worried about chasing famous brands, and to grab one before it is too late: in all this we must always remember that Fiat once made excellent cars, and not just small cars.

In 1973, for the European market, a car with an 1800cc engine was a car destined for not many people, especially if built like this in the year of the biggest oil crisis the world has ever experienced (so far). This is a survivor that is said to have 73,000 original kilometers (just under 50k miles) and in fact appears to be in exceptional condition and, apart from the wheels – not original but period correct – the car looks exactly like it came out of the factory: a car with a twin cam engine that produces around 110 hp and just over a ton of weight: with this you have fun. Find it for sale at €12,000 (today $12,000) here in Lodi, Italy.


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