Roootes: 1966 Sunbeam Tiger MK1A

The seller hasn’t written much about this Tiger, but what he has written is actually what really matters.

Indeed the car is said to still have its original 260 V8 engine and 4 speed gearbox and that it has 67K documented miles: it is extremely rare for a car over 50 to have such a low mileage but evidently (indeed sure) there will be. it was not a short period (we are talking about a few years for sure) in which the car was stopped and parked under cover.

In fact the ato has all the appearance of a survivor: the seller says the car was sprayed once with its original green color but, net of that, the car is like it came out of the factory. Factory hardtop and like new tonneau cover complete the package of this beautiful English with an American heart. Find it for sale at $ 74,500 here in Paicoma, CA.


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