Little sister: 1961 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL

This is the small sister of the 300SL: the 190SL was in fact built in the image and likeness of its older sister but with a price tag that can still be reached by few, but certainly more than those who could afford a 300SL, both coupe and spider.

And we must also say that this model, when it is restored in the right way, reaches truly remarkable prices but there is a reason for this: the restoration of these cars is very expensive as all the parts are for sale by the Mercedes Classic department which is made pay well for each item: you pay for quality, right?

But the good thing is that the car is matcing numbers (so says the seller) and that it looks rather healthy: certainly the superficial rust, the old dull and worn paint layers are clearly visible but starting from a car substantially solid, it turns into savings: never be enticed by the low price, considering that you will be able to do the work at a reasonable cost; we assure you that you will have nasty surprises. Beyond that the car looks complete (with hardtop) and, for once, not taken apart. Find it for sale at $63,000 here in South Surrey, British Columbia.


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