Chalk look: 1958 Volkswagen Typ2 Panel van

We agree that this doesn’t look like the best Typ2 from an aesthetic point of view, yet the seller claims that rust on this bodywork is minimal.

In fact apparently the bodywork seems to be made of plaster, probably this is due to the overlapping of layers of paint given over the years (even by hand, in our opinion) but, apart from an area filled with bondo due to a previous accident, it seems that the bodywork is healthy, floors included. Additionally, this van is equipped with a newly rebuilt 1600cc engine, redone suspension and the electrical system has been converted to 12V.

Even the cockpit doesn’t exactly look like a museum: it has been organized to still be functional but should be completely redone, using correct materials and finishes appropriate to the rarity of this vehicle: the Typ2s decrease exponentially in number for each year back: those that date back to the 1950s are very rare. Find it for sale at $18,000 here in Bend, OR.


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