Real deal: 1961 Meyers Manx

These cars, universally known as “Buggies” had their golden age in the sixties and seventies and then fell into oblivion for about thirty years.

The idea of ​​building an open body in synthetic material to be connected to the Volkswagen Beetle chassis was by Bruce Meyers, an idea that has been successful as some sources – not certified – report about 6000 kits sold, not counting the accessories on sale from Meyers manx itself, such as bumpers, roll bars and so on.

There are many companies that have taken the original idea of ​​Meyers by re-proposing their interpretation (with obvious differences to avoid problems with copyrights), but the original is still only one, and indeed the best originals have lately fetched high prices at auctions around the world. This here is said to be a real Meyers Manx with appropriate certification, it seems in good condition and is definitely running but there are few photos and basically no description, however it has an interesting price and deserves to be inspected. Find it for sale at $22,500 here in Freedom, CA.


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