Swedish red: 1950 Cistalia-Abarth 204 Replica

Exactly, this car is not the real deal but a replica which however seems to be built very well, at least as regards the exterior.

But we imagine that the same care was also lavished on all the remaining areas of the car, which was built starting from the chassis of a 1950 Fiat 1100 E and, on this chassis, a trellis structure was built on which the aluminum skin. The engine remains the 1100 CC Fiat one, probably tuned but we cannot confirm it as there are no photos of the engine compartment.

The interior of the car (very minimal, of course) also seems to be made in compliance with the standards of the cars built at the turn of the 40s and the beginning of the 50s and in general the car looks like a very accurate replica: a We would have liked to know more from the Swedish craftsman behind this work and especially when these changes were made. Find it for sale at €175,000 (today $182,000) here in Naarden, Netherlands.


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