For a friend: 1974 Mercedes-Benz 280 C

The person who published the ad for the sale of this 280 C is not the owner of it, but a friend of his who helped him to advertise it.

We would go straight to the point: we can’t know if this car hides some serious flaws but if it doesn’t, this car is a bargain. In fact, the seller says that the car has never been restored (and we believe it, given the general appearance) and that it has 90K original miles and that it drives well without any problems with the automatic transmission and that it has a healthy body including underbody.

The only immediately visible flaw is one of the power windows which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, but we believe this is the minimum price to pay for a 50 year old car. The interior is also original and is said to have no tears. The only thing that catches the eye is the look of the engine: it doesn’t look like a ’74 unit but a later one, probably from the mid-80s. But, aside from that and the unwatchable US-specs bumpers, we have nothing bad to say. Find it for sale at $6,600 here in Ham Lake, MN.


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