Field find: 1954 Fiat 500C Cassonato by Grazia

They are not all barn finds: there are also field finds as in the case of this very special Fiat 500C.

In fact, the seller says that this car was found abandoned in a field at the end of the 90s and then, after various vicissitudes, restored in the livery you see now. It should be noted that this 500C was born as a van and only later, in 1961, it was transformed into a pickup by the Grazia body shop in Bologna, Italy, of which we knew nothing, and this is the second time in a week that we know of an unrecognized coachworks .

The “Bianchi” livery was made with removable stickers: it was in fact an interpretation of the one who restored it but it seems that the current color is the original one, found in some hidden areas of the car at the time of the restoration. It may not even be considered “beautiful” in the most generic sense of the term, but it is a fascinating specimen and above all, we believe, unique. Find it for sale at €30,000 (today $31,800) here in Nereto, Italy.


One thought on “Field find: 1954 Fiat 500C Cassonato by Grazia

  1. It was 1938 when Oliviero Grazia started in Bologna his activity. Coming from Menarini buses coach builders O.G. began with a small shop where he repaired cars and small trucks, but soon after WWII the problem was another: few cars, not so many wealthy pockets and a lot of wrecks, so his core business became the repair and transformation in utility vehicles, small vans and pick ups, double cabin trucks, hearses and advertising vehicles, but his speciality was ambulances. His first was on a Fiat 1100 ELR base, followed by Fiat 1100/103, Fiat 1500, Fiat 1800/2100/2300, Lancia Jolly, Alfa Romeo Romeo van, Fiat 238. He was also the author, with Colli and Giorgetti, of some exemplars of Giulia Station Wagon, those assigned to Polizia Stradale in “Fern Green” livery or to Alfa Romeo assistance, as well of the few exemplars of Alfetta 1600 SW ambulance.
    Best, GM

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