Bleached coupé: 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce

This is the most sought after version of the 1750 GT subfamily, or the first series called “Standing pedals” for there are pedals hinged at the bottom.

It differs from the following series, produced in 1970, for a few details among which the most evident is the interior which, in the first series like this one, is characterized by the wonderful seats borrowed from the sister GTA. Other details are the front turn signals installed on the bumper instead of on the body, and the slightly different steering wheel.

This specimen was born in Giallo Ocra (Ocher Yellow), and in our opinion it is a pity that it has been repainted in white as that shade of yellow is in our opinion one of those that best fit this bodywork. The seller says this car was restored 25 years ago by converting it to European spec, then removing the SPICA injection and installing two Weber carburetors. Two Euro bumpers have probably also been applied which always improve the look of these classics. Find it for sale here in King City, Canada, with a starting price of CAD 45,000 and no bids yet.


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