Special red: 1966 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint by Zagato

It is an Alfa Romeo, it is red and it has a special body made by Zagato, so it is very rare. You can’t ask for much more.

For heaven’s sake, if you want you could ask that the price of a car like this was lower, but we have all learned that those who have had everything from life are very few, so we must be content with looking at it even though we can’t afford it. Certainly many of those who have loved these cars for years have had them when a lot of people – most – didn’t care.

This 2600 gives the impression of being a car that over time has received some touches here and there, especially with regard to the paintwork, but otherwise looks quite original. In fact, we could bet that the interior has never been touched, however little can be said about the rest of the car as there are no photos of the underbody, trunk or engine compartment. Find it for sale at €185,000 (today $198,000) here in Ferrara, Italy.


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