Clean: 1969 Lancia Flavia Berlina 1800 LX

It is not necessary to earn six-figure amounts to own a beautiful classic car, and this Flavia is proof of that.

In the title we simply wrote “Clean”: a single word but we believe that no others are needed to describe this car; it is certainly the Flavia Berlina in the best conditions we have seen, moreover equipped with an original license plate and a beautiful and elegant combination of colors that would seduce anyone.

I don’t know what interventions have been made on this car, if the paint has been refreshed, if the interior has been redone or which mechanical parts have been rebuilt. We can certainly assume that the paint is too bright to be the original, but you never know. There are no photos of the engine compartment or trunk but we feel they don’t have to be much worse than the rest of the car. Find it for sale at €10,500 (today $11,000) here in Campobasso, Italy.


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