Same place, different car: 1962 Fiat 600 Granluce by Viotti

It is not easy to find a classic car that is sold new and has remained in the same city, or at least around it.

The above is the brief history of this Fiat 600 bodied by Viotti in the “Granluce” version: not rare and not even as beautiful as its sister Coupé, but certainly a rare car in absolute terms and a “must have” for those who, like us, love the small Italian custom-built cars of the middle of the last century.

The car has a plate from the mid-1970s, so it is no longer original: the plate change was due to various reasons but the most frequent was the change of the owner’s province of residence: essentially, if the new owner had the residing in a province other than the previous one, the Italian law required to change the license plate: an absurd rule that caused the loss of many original plates. The car is clearly in need of restoration but it appears to be fairly well preserved overall: Sicily has a generally warm and little rainy climate so we are confident that the rust did not cause excessive damage. Fid it for sale at €5,000 (today $5,500) here in Misilmeri, Italy.


2 thoughts on “Same place, different car: 1962 Fiat 600 Granluce by Viotti

  1. I think it still has the original plate ( Targa ) on it, because is says PA and that means Palermo Sicily…
    Misilmeri is a town and comune in the Metropolitan City of Palermo, Sicily


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