Red gem: 1954 OSCA MT4

This MT4 (chassis # 1148) has been locked in a garage for 46 years, more than half of its life, which began in 1954.

Only 78 MT4s have been built and most of them are unknown as these cars were bought to be driven on the track or in road races, so it’s easy to imagine how many of them have had a bad end: crashed into trees, walls, rolled or burned (or all of the above).

This particular specimen was sold new in the USA, almost certainly by Ernie McAfee, to Mr. Harry Allen Chapman. After participating in a race it was sold to its second owner who drove it to Buchanan Field, Salinas and Santa Barbara. Meanwhile the car had lost its original engine replaced with a Buick V8 (!). The last owner, John Hunholz, in 1976 had the patience and the ability to track down the original engine that is now visible in the car, but the car has never moved from his garage since then. Even though the car looks like it could be driven, it needs a complete restoration: there are not many components to restore, but you need a person who knows the subject very well. Find it for sale here in Brookfield, CT.


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