French aluminium: 1951 Simca 8 Sport

This is a fully-fledged French car but it has a lot of Italian in it: starting with the line, designed by Pininfarina, and ending with the engine derived from Fiat.

It must also be said that Facel-Metallon has never made one regret the Italian bodywork: this was a really well built car thanks also to the use of precious materials such as aluminum, ergal and stainless steel. On the other hand, this was certainly not a car “for the people” but for wealthy enthusiasts.

The car published here belongs to Alejandro, author of the most complete blog ever made about the restoration of a Giulietta Spider Veloce, who bought it in 2016 and slowly began to disassemble it, keeping a photographic record of each stage of the disassembly. The car was born of a beautiful dark green with velvet interior, also green, the engine and the original one and the missing parts can still be rebuilt or purchased: the work of recovering where it has already been done and will be communicated to the future buyer. For more photos and detailed descriptions, go to his blog.


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