Desert slate: 1962 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint by Bertone

It is not an everyday thing to find a 2600 sprint in the USA: unlike its convertible sister, in fact, it did not have the desired success overseas.

It is even more difficult to find one in conditions like this: a car that needs a restoration that also involves the bodywork (fans of classic Alfa Romeos know that it is mathematically impossible to find, today, any Alfa from the 1960s that it has no rust anywhere, even though it has lived in the desert all its life) but it is not so bad.

However I am currently restoring a 2600 Spider which, in the photo, looked bad but in person it was a disaster: I mean this coupe in comparison looks like a show car. It is partially incomplete as the gearbox and some parts inside the engine compartment (like the carburetors) are missing, but the rare parts of these cars are those of the interior, and in this car they seem to be there. The rest is up to you. Find it for sale at $9,750 here in El Cajon, CA.


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