Out of the barn: 1948 Alfa Romeo 6C2500 S Cabriolet by Pininfarina

And here, the same seller who owns the Lancia Artena published a few days ago, sells this rare Alfa Romeo, even more rare as it never seems to have been restored.

We have not seen many 6C 2500s built by Pininfarina in similar conditions: the last was perhaps a blue specimen, on sale in Italy about ten years ago, in addition to this we have no memory of other specimens which, like this one, they look like they came out of a garage or barn after 30 years of rest (as the seller says).

Unfortunately there are only three photos of the exterior which show the lack of the bumpers (not great, not terrible) although we do not know if they are simply disassembled and some details such as the direction indicators which can be found on the market, but to a very high price. On the other hand, the cost of some details will certainly not make a difference for those who have the budget to carry out this restoration of a car which, let us remember, is matching numbers. As usually happens for cars like this, the price is on request: find it for sale here in UK.


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