Four seater cat: 1960 Jaguar XK150 Shooting Brake ‘Foxbat’

We may not be the only ones who have never seen a four-seater Jaguar XK150, yet here it is in all its strangeness.

It is apparently a creation of Jaguar enthusiast Geoffrey Stevens in the 1975 to 1977 period. He was a Jaguar enthusiast and worked as an industrial chemist near Swindon, he and his wife needed a more practical car to transport kit around, with room for their two dogs, and he decided to do his own conversion. If the car you need doesn’t exist, then build it. Easy.

The experiment was completed by combining half of an XK150 and the rear half of a Morris Minor, including the wood trim. What to say: it may not be the most beautiful creation made on an XK150 base, and it probably isn’t even finished to the top, however it is certainly one of the most interesting changes and will allow you to be the king of the show. Find it for sale at £39,995 (today $55,500) here in Tunbridge Wells, UK.


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