Exposed bones: 1934 Lancia Artena Series III 228C

There are many books on every Lancia model built before the war, and the reason is simple: it is difficult to find even just two cars that are identical in every detail.

This happened basically for two reasons: the first is related to the fact that these were cars built mainly to order by wealthy customers and the possibilities for customization were practically endless. The second reason was that, precisely because they were cars for the masses, their production was limited and the suppliers of the components could vary from week to week. After all, this is part of the appeal of these cars.

This Artena swb was found as it is now shown, pulled out of some barn near Turin where it has probably rested for the last 50 years: after all, the weather was not so bad with it but the people were: it it has been cannibalized in many parts, including the bodywork which was modified during the war probably to be adapted for military use, and not much remains for those who want to restore it. Anyone who does the work anyway will have great satisfaction in the end. Find it for sale at £32,000 (today $44,000) here in UK.


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