Class and fury: 1973 Porsche 911E 2.4

“E” is for “Einspritzung” which, in german language, means fuel injection. Today we know what it is but almost 50 years ago, only cars at the highest level could boast this technical solution.

In fact, if we look at the cars that were equipped with this feature at the time, we find cars such as Alfa Romeo Montreal, BMW 3.0 CSi and, in fact, the Porsche 911 in the E and S version. The E version is less powerful than the top of the range, the S , but we’re still talking about 165 hp on a car whose weight barely exceeds a ton.

This specimen, which appears well-kept, is said to be matching numbers. The seller says the engine has been rebuilt and the MFI has been perfectly tuned. Absolutely positive is that the car is also equipped with sports exhaust and Recaro seats, as well as a beautiful black Nardi-type steering wheel and, last but not least, European-type headlights. Find it for sale at $100,000 here in San Francisco, CA.


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