No brakes: 1964 OSI 1200 Spider

There is certainly not a long description of this car by its current owner, probably a man of few words.

Too bad because this little spider is a fairly rare car, in fact it is a model already published by us on other occasions but often the car was in better condition than this: it is certainly not a car that needs a restoration. integral but we certainly believe there are some interventions to be done.

A couple of necessary interventions have already been declared by the seller: the canvas top is to be replaced and the brakes need to be overhauled (we deduce that the car does not currently brake). Obviously we deduce that there will be further components to be fixed but all in all the car appears in fair condition and above all with all the original components in their place. Find it for sale at €21,000 (today $25,700) here in Frascati, Italy.


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