One off cat: 1952 Jaguar XK 120 Roadster by Beutler


If we find a rare classic car, it is very likely that it will be published by us: let alone a car produced in a single specimen.


In this particular case, as has often happened, the manufacturer and coachbuilder have different nationalities: the first is Jaguar, a brand that needs no introduction, the second is Beutler, a Swiss coachbuilder who has worked on many different cars, including also Volkswagen and Porsche. In this regard, we must underline that Switzerland has also had a very interesting bodywork tradition and Beutler was one of the many high-level Swiss coachbuilders.


This car in particular was built in a single copy by Beutler with an aluminum body on a Jaguar XK 120 base and then put on display at the Geneva Motor Show in 1952 and then purchased by a wealthy (of course) Swiss industrialist: apart from that the seller did not provide no additional information. As far as we are concerned we have little to add: the car is very beautiful, extremely elegant and with a level of restoration that seems to be able to (almost) meet the requirements of the most famous international elegance competitions. Find it for sale at CHF 378,000 (today $402,000) here in Sion, Switzerland.


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