Eastern bloc roadster: 1959 Skoda 450


If there is a difficult undertaking in the world of classic cars, this is finding a car produced after the Second World War up to the 80s in the so-called “communist bloc”, which is beautiful to look at: here is an exception.


In fact, this does not surprise us: since the 1920s, the Czech Republic has been the cradle of many talented engineers and car manufacturers that died out after the Second World War. One of these factories was Skoda, which in 1957 presented this car which, from an aesthetic and constructive point of view, had little to envy to the rivals of western Europe. It is also interesting to read the history of this model, to which we refer you to read this article.


This articulated paint is in conditions that seem very good: there are no detailed photos of the engine compartment, trunk, underbody but the general appearance is that of a car in order and most likely restored a few years ago: externally it seems that all the chrome trims are in place as well as inside the passenger compartment: the car also has the original hubcaps that have often been lost: certainly a car to be seen in person. Find it for sale at €20,000 (today $22,500) here in Siracusa, Italy.


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