Mini Barracuda: 1969 Sunbeam Alpine Fastback


It is the first time ever that we see this car, probably for two reasons: it is rare and, perhaps, it is not among the most beautiful cars in the history of motoring.


There are so few around if you are looking for this model, many of the photos that appear are the same as the announcement published on CL or Hemmings. The seller claims that about 1000 are built, however we have no reliable sources to confirm or deny this data. The car was part of the Sunbeam’s “Arrow” line, it was equipped with a strong five-bearing 1725 cc engine and a twin 40DCOE Weber carburettors.


The seller says that the car works in every part and that interventions such as new clutch, brakes, starter, glass gaskets, tires, starter, carbs rebuilt and other things have been carried out lately, and that he is available to provide the list some jobs. The car seems to be in good condition overall, it seems that the part that needs to be fixed the most is the dashboard. Find it for sale at $8,500 here in Greensboro, NC.


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