Two cylinders less: 1937 Alfa Romeo 8C/6C project by Ranalah


If you read the name of this shop for the first time, Ranalah, don’t worry, you are in good company.


It is the first time that we know of the existence of this shop which, however, was short-lived since it was founded in London in 1935 and closed its doors immediately after the Second World War. However, it did several works, in particular on the Rolls Royce chassis but also, as in this case, on Alfa Romeo.


The seller – the same as the Siata published yesterday – says that this body was built for the chassis # 2211125 of an 8C Monza, of which the latter remains, in addition to the rear of the bodywork and its soft top, also the radiator and the Bosch headlights, while the chassis was built from scratch. Unfortunately, the engine is not an 8C (try to find one, if you can…) but a period correct 6C 2300, more common than the eight-cylinder but still rare. Let’s say that, if the price isn’t exorbitant, this could be a curious project for Biscione fans. Unfortunately, you have to find out the price. Find it for sale here in Surrey, UK.


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