Euro ocra: 1969 Alfa Romeo GT Junior


This GT Junior second series is painted with the best, in our opinion, tone of all those made by Alfa in those years: Ocra Yellow.


Maybe it’s because it’s the same color as the GT Junior that I owned until a few years ago, but I can assure you that a GT Junior in this color makes heads turn wherever you drive it. This car in particular has seveal positive and negative aspects.


The first positive aspect concerns the origin: it is a car destined for the European market and consequently no SPICA, side markers etc. In addition, it has a beautiful Nardi steering wheel which, although not coeval with the car, has great value: it is typical of the 50s or early 60s and, alone, is worth more than $ 1,000. In addition, rims and air filter aside, it is rather original but clearly needs a total restoration, although it can still be driven as it is. Find it for sale at $29,000 here in Westlake Village, CA.


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