Half job: 1958 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider by Touring


This is an Alfa 2000 Spider built by Touring, as we have already seen many others, but this specimen is very old.


What we mean is that this is one of the very first specimens that came out of the famous body shop on the outskirts of Milan, having chassis # 32. The fact that it is one of the first 2000 Spiders is also evident from the air scoop on the hood which has a different design than that present on the specimens of the years after ’58.


The car is halfway through the restoration: the most boring, demanding and expensive part, that is, everything related to the arrangement of the metal, was made (at a cost, claims the seller, of about 800 man hours, which is perfectly credible), the car seems to be complete with all the parts plus many NOS parts Let’s say that, without a doubt, a lot of work is still needed but what will come is the most fun part of the whole restoration. Find it for sale at $59,500 here in Naples, FL.


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