Vintage dust: 1960 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster


“The Cobra in the Barn: Great Stories of Automotive Archeology” was a book published in 2005 by Tom Cotter, which met with moderate success among classic car enthusiasts: it would certainly have included this 300SL if it had been resurrected 15 years before.


Seeing the photos of the ad surprised us: first of all because of the importance of the car itself which is an icon of automotive history, then, the conditions of the car that seem extraordinary, both for the appearance of lack of corrosion, both for the originality of the whole. In addition, the car appears to have 14,558 original miles and has had one owner for the past 40 years.


Last but not least, a beautiful color called “Blaugrau”, a kind of middle ground between blue and gray, with black interiors: it would be interesting to see what is left of this color under the dust but, at the same time , the future owner will find himself in the position of having to choose whether to remove the “classic” dust or leave it and win every concours he will join in. Obviously you get so much originality: find it for sale at $ 1,250,000 here in Astoria, NY.

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