Father to son: 1953 Lancia Aurelia B10


This car, with an elegant but very sober appearance, has two great fathers: Vittorio Jano and Francesco De Virgilio.


Many of you know the first of the two, known for having designed the legendary Alfa Romeo P2 and P3 for the team headed by Enzo Ferrari, the second for being the father of the V6 engine: before him, it was said that this scheme was not feasible because the engine would have been “too unbalanced”.


Vittorio Jano was the supervisor of the “Aurelia” project whose fruits were the various models born with this name, starting with the B10, a very refined (both aesthetically and technologically) sedan intended for a wealthy user: almost 5,000 were sold, a very high number if we consider that we are talking about the European car market of the early 50s, as well as the not really “popular” price. This car in particular has been in the same family for almost seventy years: handed down from father to son until 2011 when it was sold. Refurbished in 2012, it has only been used once since. Find it for sale at €29,000 (today $33,000) here in Roma, Italy.


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