OK custom: 1968 Volkswagen Woody


One of the most beautiful things in the world of the car, and in particular that of classic cars, is the interpretative ability of some subjects who, in the tranquility of their garage, try to create something according to their tastes and their imagination.


So it may happen that, in a small town lost in the plains of Oklahoma (the few images in Street View date back to 2008), a man tries to create his own interpretation of an automotive concept: whether or not it is pleasure for us. , completely irrelevant and, of course, a certain mastery in the realization of the single components shines through this car, especially as regards the rear part of the bodywork.


The main peculiarity is that this bodywork, just like the carriages, is made of wood: it seems that the customizer was an expert cabinet maker, and he made this bodywork on a shortened chassis of a 1968 VW from which he obviously borrowed the engine and suspensions. The interior is rather “clean” but suppose that there is already everything necessary to use the car which, as the seller says, is 80% roadworthy. Find it for sale at $5,500 here in Kaw City, OK.


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