Angry face: 1960 Fiat 2100 Coupé by Vignale


This strange car with a frowning expression is quite rare, certainly because of its displacement but also and above all for its angular lines that evidently did not meet the preferences of potential customers of 60 years ago.


The design is by Michelotti and the chassis on which the bodywork was built (by Vignale) is that of the Fiat 2100, a large-capacity sedan (remember that at the time the typical engine capacity of the family man car was 1100 cc) used mainly by the Italian state and a few entrepreneurs. This car was also built with the 1500 cc engine.


The conditions of this car are not the best, and this is clearly seen: there is a lot of bodywork to do, very expensive work, as we well know, however the positive side is that the car seems complete and this is all nothing but a negligible detail; it is certainly a very particular car that deserves to be restored. Find it for sale at €19,950 (today $22,000) here in Emmer-Compascuum, Netherlands.


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