Adriatic six: 1970 Volkswagen-Porsche 914-6 “GT”


Classic Virus readers will have understood for some time that we like this model, and we like it even more if it is one of those few equipped by the factory with a six-cylinder engine.


If then, in addition to being a six-cylinder, the car is configured as “GT”, that is, with the fenders widened, then we ask no more why, in our humble opinion, the appearance of this moello is now at the top. The car, however, was born as a “simple” 914-6, after which, in the 90s, the owner made a huge amount of changes, starting with the 3.6-liter engine from a 993.


The list of changes continues: 1986 “big flange” 915 transmission with LSD differential and 916 linkage, GT front oil cooler, ’89 front 930 Turbo suspension with 3.3L Turbo brakes all around, all steel NOS factory GT flares, 16 ”Fuch Alloys 8” (951) front & 9” (930) rear. Leather interiors, 911 R steering wheel and so on. Last but not least, a splendid Adria Blue completes the package. Today, recreating a car like this will cost a lot of money, of course this is not a car for the purists but we’re pretty sure that many Porsche enthusiasts will fall in love with it. Find t for sale at $137,500 here in Sonoma, CA.


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