1 of 406: 1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GT


Although it may seem strange, this is not an aesthetically modified 924 with an aftermarket kit, but a rare vehicle.


In fact, only 406 specimens of this model have been built, probably most of which still exist, however we are talking about very small numbers in relation to the current production of sports cars. This car was equipped with an increased intercooler and greater compression that raised its power to 210 hp.


The car covered by this article is for sale in Italy but the diice seller that was imported from Germany in 1990, we assume that he also made a lift in France. It seems that the car is nearing completion of a restoration, in fact the seller says it can also complete it based on the customer’s specifications. Find it for sale at €40,000 (today $44,500) here in Bergamo, Italy.


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