Half done: 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce


This Veloce is said to have left the factory on 31 July 1961 to be delivered, in its Bianco Gardenia color, to the Alfa Romeo dealer in Lugano, Switzerland.


As you will soon understand, it is not a ultra-rare Veloce 750 but a 101 which, however, is not much less rare than its predecessor; at the time, however, it was an expensive car, out of reach of the average European citizen and, as a result, not many were sold in this version.

This particular car is therefore rare but it is also completely disassembled for an unfinished restoration: on the one hand there is therefore the problem of making an inventory of all the internal and external parts of the car that are stored in many containers, from the but the other side is a car whose body (partially) and engine have already been restored: it seems that the new owner lacks only the most funny part of the job. Find it for sale at €43,000 (today $47,300) here in Brummen, Netherlands. Thanks to Christopher and his Veloce Register for this tip.


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