Renault inside: 1967 Sovam 1100 VS


You may like it or not, but if we didn’t publish special cars like this one, we certainly wouldn’t be doing our job (in real life it’s certainly not a job). Or, maybe, that’s just because we used to be frequent visitors of


A car that, actually, is the first time we see (even in photos) and of which we did not know the existence and consequently we tried to learn about it: Sovam was founded in France in 1930 and specialized in mobile building shop kiosks based on light truck platforms: this model has inherited many components of the Renault 4 as its donor car’s front mid-engine, front wheel drive layout and fully independent suspensions.


This car seems to have the engine of the Renault 5, but this does not surprise us as these artisan cars are often different from one another (not only with regard to the details) and it seems that only thirty have survived. This car was repainted five years ago and has Gotti alloy wheels, for further details the seller made himself available. Find it for sale at €23,500 (today $26,000) here in Gap, France.


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