The other one: 1964 Mercedes-Benz O 319 Minibus


The classic vans have always been the Cinderella of the world of vintage vehicles, yet some of them are fascinating, and in recent years many collectors have noticed.


Obviously the lion’s share has always been made by the Volkswagen T1 van, in particular in its “Samba” version, but around there are equally fascinating and much rarer vans, like this L 319 produced by Mercedes-Benz between 1955 and 1967. Unlike his fellow countryman, this van has the engine (1900 cc diesel) in the front position.


This particular van is said to be almost complete: in fact the rear benches are missing but otherwise it seems that everything is in place; it is clearly a vehicle to be restored completely but, if you are looking for some photos of a similar specimen already restored, you will see that it is worth it. Find it for sale at €12,000 (today $13,000) here in Treviso, Italy.


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