Gone in 35 Years: 1970 De Tomaso Mangusta


What is sought in a classic car is, in addition to beauty and rarity, its compliance with the original production specifications: this Mangista should satisfy all three of these requirements.


It appears that this Mangusta has been kept in a garage during the last 35 years, and has seen the light again only a few weeks ago: unlike many other barn find (garage find in this case), this is not even dusty, that means or that has been washed or that has been covered by a cloth.


For what we can see, apart from a slight dent on the nose, from the driver’s side, the car looks really untouched; even the interior – apart from the patina caused by the age of the car – looks original and exceptional conditions. The seller says that the clutch and the flywheel are now one, but it will not hurt much to make this predator run again. Find it for sale at $189,500 here in Astoria, NY.


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