Blue Deuce: 1932 Ford Model B De Luxe Coupé


We already know that this car will attract the interest of many Americans rather than Europeans.


However there are some European countries, especially France and the countries of Scandinavia, where these cars are particularly appreciated, especially if they are very rare like this 1932 Model B Coupé V8: the holy Grail of hot rodders and, for this very reason, by now impossible to find in these conditions.


Of this model many units have been produced but, if we exclude those scrapped and those turned into hot rods, nowadays it is really rare to find one in these conditions: a real barn find painted in blue with black fenders: among other things, this is the De Luxe version as can be seen above all from the chrome windshield frame. The conditions of the car are stunning both inside and outside: for the lovers of this model, this is the find of a lifetime. Find it for sale at $80,000 here in Siloam Springs, AR.


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