Old Motto: 1955 Siata 300 BC


We have known this dealer for some time and we know his soft spot towards Italian cars, especially the “special” ones like this Siata (chassis #448BC).


On the other hand, he finds us perfectly in agreement: as far as we are concerned if it is Italian, built by hand from 1930 to 1950 in small series, we already know that we are interested even without having even seen it. This car in particular, however, we see and is a rare 300 BC of 1955 in aluminum made by Rocco Motto, the master of the “Barchetta”.


As the seller suggests, these cars are equipped with a Fiat 1100 engine or a Crosley engine, a Fiat unit was installed on this particular car, while now there is a Crosley with a dual carburetor setup. The history of this car is known only since the 1960s, when it becomes the property of Mr. Bill Ancona who uses it to compete in the Pennsylvania Hill Climb circuit, Hershey, Duryea, Pocono. Now it is ready to be restored. Find it for sale at $172,000 here in Brookfield, CT.


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