Early four valves: 1975 Triumph Dolomite Sprint


We are sincere, we did not know. We didn’t know that Triumph had ever produced a four-valve motor per cylinder, moreover installed on a mass-produced car, and here it is.


The Dolomite, in this version called Sprint, was born to face the rivals of the time, the sedans with a sporting vocation like the BMW 2002 Tii (the latter had two doors but in fact it was a saloon for all purposes). It was powered by a four-cylinder in-line with 1,998 cm³ and four valves per cylinder, which were moved by a single camshaft instead of the more common double camshaft. Thanks to the larger displacement, and the larger dimensions of the carburettors, the power grew to 127 BHP (129 hp DIN) and allowed the car to go from 0 to 60 mph in 8.4 seconds: a remarkable time for a 44-year-old sedan .


This car in particular has been restored, even if not at concours level, however the work done seems remarkable, considering that these are not cars of the highest value. The burgundy color looks very good with the black vinyl roof, and the car still has its original license plate: it really looks like an interesting car. Find it for sale at €12,000 (today $13,700) here in Sinalunga, Italy.


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